What's Stories of the Scarlet Skye?

Stories of the Scarlet Skye is a written series about a rowdy bunch of characters in an epic, high fantasy world.

Book 1, called The Dream Star Quest, introduces the story through the eyes of Carmine, a teenager living on the streets in a small port town. A shocking accident with magic (that she was only barely aware that she had) puts her on the run from the locals. At the same time, Crimson Skye, captain of a group of "adventurers for hire" ("TOTALLY NOT SKY PRIRATES! NOPE! NOT AT ALL!") happens through town searching for a heavy-hitter mage. Carmine's little magic outburst marks her as the precise mage Crim had been seeking to complete his quest. So off they set to assemble a Dream Star, an item which will grant the person who assembles it one wish. It seemed like a simple search-and-assemble mission until they started encountering other pirates, crazy monsters, and malicious arch mages... Now it looks like the wish from the Dream Star might be only a minor step in a larger scale problem.

Alongside Book 1, are several "Mini Stories". These occur during the same timeline as The Dream Star Quest, but aren't quite as pertinent to the main storyline. You can read them in the "Archives" section of the web page.

Book 2, called The Crystal Knights, follows the Skyes (Somewhere, River is saying "Spoilers!") after they get out of the Dream Star Quest. Their friends all seem to be leaving for lives of their own, and the heroes themselves find a scarier fate than death resting on their doorstep - parenthood. Add into this that a group of legendary warriors who were created to stop The Mageling Prophecy from happening is starting to congregate around Carmine. Are they there to help or destroy her? Worst of all, the evil arch mage, Magus is targeting the new addition to the Skye family. Day-to-day life never felt so full of anxiety!

Coming soon! Cover not finalized.

Book 3, called Wrath of the Black Queen finds our heroes reuniting with old friends and meeting plenty of new ones. It seems like everywhere they go, they encounter the influence of a lurking necromancer known as The Black Queen. As few-to-no people seem to know of her movements and schemes, let alone how to oppose her, the Scarlet Skye crew finds themselves working for free more often than not, in order to keep the world from meeting certain doom. Who says it pays to be the good guys, eh? With a chunk of the crystal knights either missing or lacking fully matured attacks, the situation seems dire, indeed.

Book 4, currenly being called The Enemy Within, follows the heroes as they attempt to track down Magus and put a stop to his plans once and for all. Their trek takes them through treacherous terrain, though, as some of the members find themselves facing skeletons from their own closests that were thought to be burried forever. Coming to terms with bad blood might not be enough to get the heroes through this time, though. There are forces beyond mortal understanding starting to tip their hands, and human beings can only withstand so much.

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